As a Calgary-based company, Dynamic Vision understands the importance of energy exploration and resource development in today’s global market. We also understand our clients’ need to stand out against their competition.

Our success and growth comes from a combination of providing truly innovative solutions to some of the most advanced providers of conventional oil & gas, shale, oil sands and alternative fuels.

Here is where we integrate our world-class 3D visualization services into value-add solutions along a project lifecycle for our Oil & Gas EPCM clients:




Our Immersive VR solution is a powerful visualization tool that empowers today’s engineering design firms to:

  • augment existing 30/60/90 percent model reviews by making collaborative design decisions
  • identify cost-avoidance items while helping de-risk projects
  • effectively showcase design intent to project stakeholders
  • better identify Construction, Maintenance, and Operations (CMO)
  • perform HSE/ HAZOP studies and knowledge transfer of hazards and operability procedures

Our studio is equipped with a 14 foot power wall that acts as a window into a virtual world. Design teams place themselves inside a 3D environment using a head mounted display or polarized 3D glasses and can engage with their latest 3D models and datasets in a 1:1 scale environment with real-time interaction and navigation.

In this virtual world users can can work alone, in small groups or collaborate with colleagues around the globe to perform detailed design reviews, rehearse in-depth training tasks, validate maintenance procedures or verify assembly and manufacturing processes.




In today's aggressive EPCM market, forming a competitive edge can differentiate you from your competition. Our world-class 3D visualization solutions can help establish your business as the top in your industry.

Our creative team can repurpose your existing 3D CAD models into engaging and persuasive 3D visuals that can:

  • enhance your proposal submission to win RFP opportunities
  • accelerate your sales cycles using dynamic interactive presentations that support multi-product lines, multi-language and multi-disciplined sales teams
  • showcase your design models in a full-scale environment before construction begins all within in a safe and controlled environment
  • communicate your proposed equipment transportation and installation methodology to key stakeholders




At Dynamic Vision, we integrate creative and innovative visual solutions that can help maximize your investment in engineering design.  From early project planning, engineering, construction, maintenance through to start-up, we can extend the value of your 3D CAD data by repurposing and applying it across multiple disciplines of your project lifecycle.

Engage with your construction managers using our immersive VR studio to communicate your design intent and identify potential cost-avoidance areas of construction, all within a 1:1 scale environment.

In advance of construction, our creative team can develop interactive maintenance and operations applications that provide enhanced step-by-step visual instructions for installation, operation and repair procedures.  These applications can be deployed on smart phones, tablets, desktops or laptops as a stand-alone experience or integrated into an existing Learning Management System (LMS).

By integrating our comprehensive collection of 3D visualization solutions, we can augment your existing CMO initiatives by:

  • animating step-by-step construction procedures for well-pad or equipment skid transport, configuration and installation
  • developing enhanced self-paced training applications that improve comprehension and strengthen learning retention for maintenance and operations procedures
  • creating virtual site tour applications of your facility or equipment that highlight major components and potential safety hazards




In today’s Oil & Gas industry, providing meaningful and impactful health, safety training and hazard assessment programs can be a challenging process. At Dynamic Vision, our goal is to develop engaging and effective 3D visual applications that help our clients ensure the safety and security of their workforce while maintaining critical business continuity.

By repurposing your existing 3D engineering data, training applications can be developed during the early stages of a projects lifecycle. Whether it’s a fall safety training simulator or an interactive site orientation tour, our developers engage with your HSE Subject Matter Experts (SME) to build effective and engaging training applications that can improve learning retention and comprehension for self-paced and instructor-lead training initiatives.

Tell me... I forget

Show me...I remember

Involve me... I understand

HAZOP teams leaders can also examine potential problems of new, modified or existing design elements in a full-scale, 3D immersive environment. Collaborating in this manner can help maximize the HAZOP study accuracy when defining and establishing procedures and operations.