Occupational health and safety (OHS) training is an important part of managing workplace hazards and risks. Each year, workplaces provide many hours of OHS training for their employees and contractors.

At Dynamic Vision, our goal is to augment workplace education and training programs by incorporating our engaging 3D visualization content into self-paced eLearning or instructor-led training initiatives.

Here is where we can provide a positive effect on risk management programs and the safety practices of workers:



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As an aging workforce prepares to retire, companies are forced to find ways to fill the labor shortage and a means of replicating the expertise, wisdom and skills possessed by critical professionals in the heads and hands of their next-generation coworkers. Simply put, a comprehensive knowledge transfer program moves the right skills at the right time to keep a workforce prepared, productive, innovative and competitive.

Imagine an immersive world where your employees can complete a 3D virtual site orientation tour of your facility to learn the potential safety hazards before they perform a site visit. All from their desktop, within the safe environment of their office.

Or, let a 3D virtual avatar lead your new recruits through the safety features and start-up procedures of your valuable equipment using their iPad or smart phone.

Contact us to find out how our 3D visualization services can help:

  • reduce the ramp-up time to productivity resulting in significant cost savings that contribute to an organization’s bottom line
  • provide consistency in your training delivery through engaging interactive content, self-checks and performance tests
  • decrease safety incidents by better identifying work standards and hazardous environments in a safe and controlled environment
  • reduce employee turnover costs through enhanced training applications that help identify underutilized and marginalized employees so they can be better leveraged and more engaged to avoid exiting the organization




Safety training is probably one of the most important components for a business wanting to ensure the safety and security of its workers while maintaining critical business continuity. It can be a real challenge to develop meaningful and impactful training programs. Hands-on training is far more effective but allowing staff access to work sites and specialized equipment for training often means shutting down operations and potentially exposing new staff to dangerous work environments before they’re comfortable with the equipment, let alone qualified to work with it.

Dynamic Vision can work with you to develop a highly impactful, hands-on safety training program that will give your workers direct exposure to your operations and equipment without ever having to leave the classroom.

Our Immersive VR, Interactive Applications and 3D Animation services can be custom-fit to provide the perfect cost-effective compliment to a text or lecture-based program so employees can apply their knowledge in a simulated environment before trusting them to move on to your real-world environment.