Immersive VR

Step into our Immersive VR studio and enter a virtual world where you and your audience can engage and explore in an environment that puts you wherever you want to be,  From a walk through of a facility to hands-on training with machinery complete with moving parts, participants can experience what they would in the real world.  Your Immersive VR world, however, exists in our safe, controlled studio that doesn’t require any equipment downtime.  Facilities and sites, buildings, rooms, and the smallest details can be recreated for collaborative design reviews and scenario simulation training.

Our studio is fully equipped with the latest in advanced stereoscopic and motion-tracking capabilities. Featuring a 14-foot power wall, head-mounted display (HMD) and an interactive controller wand, it is the ideal group setting to interact with any world you can imagine.  Call us to book a demonstration and experience the world of Immersive VR for yourself!

The applications for Immersive VR are truly endless for key business elements such as:




  • Collaboratively review critical design components with your construction, maintenance, operations and HASOP personnel
  • Effectively identify and reduce potential change orders or cost-overruns that occur using existing design review methods




  • Visually communicate your design intent and competitive advantages to non-technical audiences
  • Establish stakeholder credibility using an attractive technology to cross language and communication barriers
  • Allow your customers to experience and engage with your products and offerings beyond a brochure.




  • Provide engaging interactive simulator training for Operations, Maintenance, HASOP and Human Factor disciplines
  • Employees can be trained in real-life scenarios.
  • Beyond simply reading manuals, students can gain life-like experience working with machinery before they get on site; without safety concerns and without taking equipment off line.