Effective Operations and Maintenance of property and equipment is one of the most cost-effective methods of ensuring reliability, safety and efficiencies in today’s industrial marketplace.

At Dynamic Vision, our 3D visualization solutions can enhance your O&M initiatives and act as a bridge to transfer knowledge and close learning gaps… simultaneously, while your core business activities continue.

Here is where we integrate our intelligent visualization tools into value-add solutions for our O & M clients:




The shortage of skilled labour is one of the biggest challenges many businesses face in today’s global energy marketplace. The time spent training often takes away from production and core business activities as equipment operators or maintenance personnel must step away from core tasks to train.

Training on specialized equipment often means shutting down operations which is a difficult decision to make when trying to maximize every last production dollar.

Whether it involves integrating your existing PLC, HMI or joystick controllers our development team can transform your equipment into a virtual training simulator that provides the benefit of consistent, constant and immediate feedback all within a safe and controlled environment.

Our training simulators can help:

  • support your recruiting and retention strategy while fast-tracking an employee’s skill set
  • reduce the risks associated with a potential hazardous location by providing knowledge transfer in a safe and controlled virtual environment
  • help users “learn from their mistakes” without the risk of personal injury or damage to expensive equipment
  • improve safety and standardized work practices, while reducing your maintenance costs over the lifetime of your equipment




We can extend the life-cycle of your your existing 3D CAD models into an interactive Bill of Materials environment where users can drill down and “explode” complex assemblies using their desktop, Smartphone or other portable devices.

Step-by-step assembly and disassembly procedures can be incorporated to help users easily identify the relevant part and associated data, thereby reducing ordering and purchasing errors.

Built for desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone devices, our interactive parts catalog applications can help:

  • Increase aftermarket revenue and customer loyalty
  • Minimize customer errors and product returns
  • Minimize support costs as users can self-serve
  • Increase your competitive advantage
  • Lower order processing costs